The Selene™ is a newly introduced energy saving product which stores the electric energy from solar cell in Hybrid System. It is using high brightness LED and makes smooth and soft light in the night which is very effective for special decoration on any kind of landscape architecture such as apartment, parks, public spaces and the like. It also discriminates against environs.

For more gorgeous and graceful life style, Selene™ will surely be the light
of your space. Get your own light!

Charged by the sun : No wiring and No electric external energy source

Maintenance Free

Light Time : Light for over 12hours : When it is full charged

Charging time
1. Direct light : about 2hours(over 50,000Lux)
2. Cloudy : 7hours

Automatic On/off

Semi permanent Life : No degradation of energy storage capacity

Solar-Cell Single Crystalline Silicon
Cover Poly Carbonate
Light Source High Brightness LED
Color Red, Orange, Blue, Green, and White
Energy Source Hybrid System
Rundown Time Nomally 12 Hour
Switching power ON / OFF, AUTOMATIC
Maintenance Usually not required
Dimension 197.5mm * 197.5mm * 60mm (w * D * H)

  Strength Test  
Waterproof Test

During daylight hours, the Selene™ use solar cells to capture energy from the sun that is converted to electricity and stored the Supercapacitor, and then turn on light in the evening by emitting the LED. It doesnt require additional electric wire and expense because of using Solar Energy.

The Place for installing the Selene™

Government and Public offices, Company building (Wall, Entrance, Stairway, Step, Rooftop garden, Around the building)

College and High School (Entrance, Garden, Around the building, Wall)

Pension and House (included Villa, Hotel in rest area) (Wall, Entrance, Path, Garden, Swimming Pool, Fountain, Parking Light)

Apartment (Promnade, Playground, Basketball court, Plaza)

Park (included theme parks) (Promnade, Entrance, Bicycle road, Garden)

Around River (Promnade, Road)

The area which is hard installing the wiring

Around Concert Hall and Stadium

Historic sites and Tourist resort